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Vocal Ensemble Tradiophon


The vocal ensemble "Tradiophon" is an ensemble from the Basel area, made up of professional singers. The focus of this formation is on the experimental handling of traditions, especially in relation to performance practice. Stylistically, the ensemble concentrates on late romantic acapella music, acapella music of the 20th century and late romantic works for choir and orchestra.
The vocal ensemble cultivates an experimental approach to the music of the late Romantic period. The instrumentation, the spaces and the instrumentation are used as a tool to transfer this music into the 21st century and contemporary culture.

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past projects

KUMA - "Gesellschaft für neue Musik Basel" (Society for contemporary Music, Basel)

June 2021

Without fear of microtonality and closeness to sacred music culture, the vocal ensemble mastered the program "Kuma".
The programme included musical settings of sacred texts by Galina Grigorjewa, textless polyphony in the world premiere of Liisa Hirsch's new adaptation of Kuma, and mixed forms in the use of text and noise in the works of Karin Rehnquist, Ann-Sofi Söderqvist, Helena Tulve and Tatiana Kozlova-Johannes.


All of the composers’ compositions were heard in Switzerland for the first time.

You can listen to the concert at the following link:

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Hermann Suter - CD

April 2020

To mark Hermann Suter's 150th birthday, we have recorded selected a cappella works for male choir for the first time. A collaboration with the Reveille Choir of the Basler Liedertafel. You can order the CD from me using the contact form, or listen to it on all streaming platforms.

French Christmas
December 2019
A collaboration with the Biel Solothurn Theater Orchestra and the Solothurn Girls' Choir. Two Christmas stories of a special kind: The "Oratorio de Noël" by Camille Saint-Saëns is stylistically based on the lyricism of French church music of the 19th century. The "Cantate de Noël", written almost a hundred years later, is Arthur Honegger's last work, which thematically brings many well-known Christmas carols to life.
cover suter with font.jpg
Hermann Suter - Works for male choir acapella
September 2019
In collaboration with the Reveille Choir of the Basler Liedertafel, we performed selected works by Hermann Suter as part of a studio concert. This was followed by the recording session for our CD production.
December 2018

As part of the Mimaamaquin concert program of the MusikWerk Luzern, we performed the "quatre motets pour le temps de Noël" by Francis Poulenc.

Huber in the square
September 2018
A comparison of the music of the two Basel composers Hans Huber and Lukas Huber

"Lenz- und Liebeslieder" op. 72, Hans Huber
"Fallbeispiele und Amen", Lukas Huber
"Ich-, Du-, Er-, Sie-, Es-, Wir-, Ihr-, Sie-Ich" Lukas Huber (UA)

The two Basel composers Hans Huber (1852–1921) and Lukas Huber (*1990) are more than a hundred years apart. Both are influential musical personalities in the city of Basel. In the "Huber2" program, you can experience the contrast in Basel's music from today to beyond the last century.
June 2018
… let me rest from pleasure and sorrow, until the eternal dawn sparkles through the silent forest.» — F. Eichendorff: «The Hermit»

A program about searching and restless wandering in the world, being lost in solitude and seeing redeeming peace. With the two songs, op. 144 (Requiem and Hermit) by Max Reger, the five songs op. 104 by Johannes Brahms and Nothing in Nothing / Light in Light by Lukas Huber
Von Schlaf und Wahn
December 2017
Dreams, nightmares, daydreams and delusions...

In the program "Von Schlaf und Wahn" the professional vocal ensemble Tradiophon embarks on a journey through mystical, gentle and also panicked dream worlds. In addition to the premiere of "Fallbeispiele und Amen" by the Basel composer Lukas Huber, the three late romantic works "Oma Maa" and "Snöfrid" by Jean Sibelius and "Søvnen" by Carl NIelsen in an arrangement for electronics by Robert Torche were heard.
"sur les lagunes"
February 2017
The vocal ensemble Tradiophon devoted itself to the music of France during the Second World War. The young ensemble presented a program for 16 voices with the "Songs of Ariel" by Frank Martin, works by Francis Poulenc, Claude Debussy, Darius Millhaud, César Geoffray and "Sur les Lagunes" by Hector Berlioz/Clytus Gottwald. It was a program in which cheerful melodies, picturesque soundscapes and large harmonic structures alternated and offered the listeners a special experience.
June 2016
The first program of the vocal ensemble Tradiophon consisted of works by Sibelius, Bruch, Rautavaara, Eben and other composers of the 20th century. Late romantic acapella music formed the stylistic core of the professional vocal ensemble. "Mondtraum" was a program with unknown but very exciting acapella works, with texts dealing with magic, mythical creatures and natural phenomena, and implemented in picturesque music.
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